Tidying Up Marie Kondo Style – The KonMari Method on a Budget

You’ve probably heard of the term “KonMarie”, or at least heard of Marie Kondo. If by some chance you haven’t, she’s the author of the well known book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Marie Kondo is also behind the Netflix series “Tidying Up” that has Australians embracing the declutter.

Many of us can’t afford the luxury of having Marie Kondo to personally help us declutter, but it is possible to “KonMarie” your home on a budget. Although, if you were seriously considering personally hiring Marie Kondo, she no longer works with individuals. However, she does have a team of over 200 consultants, which are ranked at different levels. For the lowest level consultant, prices start from around $595 per session (number of required sessions vary), and escalate from there.

What’s important to know though, is that you don’t need to hire someone to be able to follow the Marie Kondo concepts. It’s also possible to do on a budget without the expense of hiring help.

The Basic Method

With a minimalist-inspired approach, the KonMarie method is more than just throwing away the things you don’t need. There are a few basic KonMarie Method rules to keep in mind before you start:

  • Commit to tidying up
  • Have a vision of your ideal lifestyle
  • Discard items and sincerely thank each item.
  • Tidy by category
  • Follow an order
  • Ask yourself, “does this spark joy?”

Tidying by Category

The place to start isn’t room-by-room, but rather, category-by-category. Starting with clothes, and moving in a strict order onto: books, papers, miscellaneous and then sentimental items. The idea is that by the time you’ve reached the items which seem harder to get rid of, you’ll already be in the flow of things. Start by getting out ALL of your clothes before deciding what stays and what goes. Then work category by category to sort out the rest.

Deciding What to Keep

According to the Marie Kondo Method, it’s not about what you’re deciding to throw away, it’s about choosing what you want to keep. Marie Kondo famously encourages to only keep items that “spark joy”. For items that are of no use and no longer spark joy, sincerely thank the item for serving its purpose before discarding it.

Everything Has Its Place

Once you’ve decided what to keep, the method dictates that everything has a designated place to be stored. By storing items in a way that makes them accessible and therefore, encouraging you to use them, you are honouring their purpose. For example, the basic clothes folding method means that not only are clothes put away neatly, they are also accessible and easy to view. It may mean you’ll need to consider your storage spaces and whether they are appropriate for your newly tidied household.

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