The Top Bathroom Trends in 2019

In 2019, the bathroom is more than just a practical and functional space. We’ve seen a focus on adding personality, luxury and style to this important area of the home. Here are a few of our top bathroom trends we’ve seen this year

A Neutral Colour Palette

On trend, and lasting for many years to come, a neutral palette is probably one of the most popular choices in 2019. Although, neutral doesn’t need to mean boring. Some of the most contemporary, fun and beautiful bathrooms stick to a simple, neutral colour palette.

Bold & Bright

In the same breath, while neutral colour palettes have been extremely common, bold, bright colours also seem to be gaining popularity.


This year has seen a rise in the use of concrete within bathrooms (and throughout the home also). Traditionally, the use of concrete has been seen as cold and unwelcoming. Teaming concrete with other materials such as wood and steel is the key to creating a contemporary and comfortable space.

In-Home Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have reported benefits such as improved sleep, relaxation, improved circulation, relief from joint pain and sore muscles, weight loss, improved skin and more. That’s just some of the reasons why there may be such a rise in the number of in-home infrared saunas we’ve seen in 2019.

Hidden Drains

In 2019, it’s clear that shower and plumbing fixtures deserve to be put on show, but visible shower drains are a thing of the past. Hidden drains are made possible with the use of luxuriously large floor slabs that allow water to be drained underneath.

Marble Slabs

This beautiful natural stone seems to never go out of style. In 2019, things are no different. Large marble slabs are beautiful, classic, and timeless and can also potentially increase the appeal when selling.

Artistic Statements

The year 2019 is all about making an artistic statement. While there are many ways to do this, an eye-catching piece of wall art can add your own individual style to the space.

Open Concept Designs

While this idea isn’t for everyone, ditching doors and walls is on trend. Easily hop straight out of bed in the morning and into the shower.

Spa Inspired Bathrooms

Bathrooms are becoming more of an experiential, spa-inspired space. For the same reason, luxurious, bold, black, sensual bathrooms are on trend in 2019.


Give a little touch of personality to your bathroom. This year, there has been a rise in all things fun, cool, impactful and unique. Wallpaper is back in a big way and can add funky prints, interesting textures and a touch of individuality. For more great bathroom ideas, check out this blog from Brisbane bathroom renovation specialists, Aquatic Bathrooms. Wholesale Furniture Outlet is a Brisbane based, premium quality, wholesale priced furniture store. Shop online or arrange a time to visit our Brisbane location for a one on one shopping experience. We offer Australia wide shipping, and our experienced staff are here to help. Contact us via email or phone to arrange an appointment.
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