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Set Up The Ultimate Home Office

While many people would like to think working from home means you spend your days lazing by the pool whilst scrolling through your emails, or hanging at the beach working on your laptop with a mocktail in-hand, unfortunately, it’s not always how remote workers get to spend their work day.

If you work in a corporate office environment there may be some policies in place when it comes to what you can and can’t do to spruce up your workspace. For example, James two cubicles down, may not be too fond of Janet’s desk foliage that happens to set off his sinuses. But, there’s always an opportunity to voice your ideas and inspiration to the colleagues making the furniture purchases.

And, if you’re looking to set up – or rejuvenate – your home office we have some helpful tips that may help turn your space into a productive – and hopefully peaceful – corner of the world.

At Wholesale Furniture Outlet (WFO) in Brisbane you can have the modern office furniture you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

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Consider what type of worker you are. Would a standing workstation better suit your work habits and productivity or a corner desk, a light and minimalistic desk or even a grand mahogany desk – straight from the set of Law and Order?


Nothing beats a comfortable chair. Not only does this make the hours sitting at your desk that bit more bearable, it’s also important for your posture and health to ensure you find a chair online that is ergonomic and works for you. It’s worth getting out and about and testing out as many chairs as you can until you find ‘the one’.


If you like to spread out, or your line of work requires maximum desk space (architects we’re looking at you), a double desk set-up may suit and you can still have ample storage space through the use of lowise cabinets that fit under the desks.
For those with extensive filing needs, filing cabinets can look bulky but can be stowed under the desk, or can be turned into an epic green zone if decorated with a nice leafy green plant and your favourite photos and frames.

New Bed Head

Bed heads can be easily updated or replaced and can have a huge impact on the overall vibe of your bedroom. You can source a unique standalone bed head or even install a wall-mounted bed head.

Light and Airy

For those with enviable views from their home office space, it worth assessing which angles work best in terms of natural light, windows, breezes, air conditioning vents and computer screen glare. Try different options with your office furniture and don’t be afraid of moving away from the trusty corner desk location by moving your desk to the centre of the room which may be more welcoming for guests and clients. Assess whether blinds or curtains are required.

Colours and accent pieces

If you have clients popping in, it’s essential to have a clean and tidy space that is warm, friendly and welcoming. A nice lounge or sofa or a bright or patterned occasional chair is a great addition to any office space. You can use elements of the accent furniture throughout the office through the use of a vase, photo frame, office supplies such as stapler, folders and pen holders.

Get creative and have fun. It’s your space. Make it a place you enjoy spending time each day!

For unique furniture at a clearance price, visit Wholesale Furniture Outlet (WFO) Brisbane.

We’d love to help you with your furniture needs.

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