Redecorating your Home with Online Furniture

Redecorating your Home with Online Furniture – What you need to know

Home Furniture Shopping Online

While some people are huge advocates of online furniture shopping, others are wary because they cannot physically touch and experience the pieces. That said, for many, the benefits of online furniture shopping largely outweigh the downside of not being about to physically see the items.

No more fighting for a car park, walking up and down kilometres of couches in multiple places, going from store to store to try and compare colours, measurements and prices, figuring out how to get the furniture from the store to your home, the list goes on.

The benefit of online furniture shopping is that with just a few clicks, you’re comparing thousands of different items in order to find the most suitable colours, textures, sizes and pricing. You can also create online mood boards to easily decide on the look and feel of the space before spending a cent. What could take weeks to do in physical stores, only takes minutes from the comfort of your own home and delivered to your door.

Take the Appropriate Measurements

While you might get away with taking a guess at the correct measurements, being certain of the exact measurements that you’re looking for does help narrow down your search. Take appropriate measurements within the space to ensure that the pieces fit according to width, depth and height.

Pinterest/Mood boards

Pinterest isn’t just popular for brides to be – it can also be a great way to search for different styling and furniture ideas, and then to keep your favourites all stored in one place. If Pinterest isn’t your thing, you can create mood boards online with interior design specific sites like stylesourcebook.

Decide on a Colour Scheme

With thousands of options to choose from online, one of the easiest things you can do to narrow down your search, and to ensure that your interior space is cohesive, is to decide on a colour theme. Colours can be a personal thing so there is no right or wrong answer to this. To get an idea, have a look at what you’re attracted to the most on your mood board or Pinterest pins. Generally, if you decide on three main colours or shades that go well together, this can simplify your choices. Choose one main colour for the walls and larger furniture items, a secondary colour for a few furniture items, and one last colour for pops of colour from pieces such as: statement cushions, a vase, or floral arrangement. This process takes away the overwhelm when completely redecorating your interior space and ensures that your new furniture will suit.


Don’t be afraid of choosing big statement furniture pieces as long as you mix them with smaller delicate pieces. Rather than cluttering a space with many smaller item, or filling the room with only big furniture, a mixture of the two can create balance. This also applies to smaller rooms. Most interior designers will recommend that even the tiniest rooms in a home should have one larger statement piece such as a cabinet or armchair. Mixing large statement furniture with a few smaller, finer items is the key to creating a balanced interior design.

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