Nursery Lamp


Fun and Practical Alphabet Nursery Lamp

Handcrafted letters in lightweight and safe rubber-wood

Includes Lamp Shade

Does not include bulb

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Safety is the key issue when considering a Nursery Lamp for your infant or toddler’s room.

Night Lights aren’t just for kids – they’re for parents too! When you first bring your baby home, you’ll be feeding and changing your newborn around the clock. The switch of a bright light to get the job done is much more disruptive than the soft glow of a night light.

Then the tables are turned when your child gets a little older! The soft glow lamp help young children feel safe through the night, and much easier for potty-training toddlers to find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

Our Alphabet Nursery Lamp is lightweight and made out of rubber-wood so it is also unbreakable.


Height: 21 cm
Height to Top of Shade: 46 cm

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