Dressing Table By Willow


A dressing table is an integral aspect of any bedroom adding elegance and magnificence to your room.

It’s the one spot in the bedroom where you can pamper yourself and keep all your treasures safely stored!

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When you ask yourself “How should I organise my dressing table?” the first thing you should do is choose the things that you use the most!

Think about your everyday routine and the things you need or use fist thing in the morning and put them on display. Whether its your favourite perfume or a bag full of cosmetics.

It is one of those furniture pieces that often gets overlooked. However it is a valuable asset – and even better when partnered with a matching stool!

1. Provides you with a spacious drawer for make-up, accessories, clothing.
2. Looks appealing and luxurious
and 3. Offers a special place to sit and write peacefully

Pair up with our dressing stool by Willow
Material: Timber Walnut Veneer with Stainless Steel Frame
Featuring 1 soft-closing drawer in a 2 Pack Glossy Finish

Length: 120 cm
Height: 76 cm
Depth: 46 cm

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