Moving into a New House and Making it a Home

From the Bedroom to the Backyard

Unpacking and setting up a new home can feel just as stressful as packing up your old one. For comfort and peace of mind for you and your family, there are a few easy ways for your new house to seamlessly feel like a home from the very beginning.

Before you move

While the lights usually get turned on quickly with a simple call to the electricity company, you’ll want to organise this type of thing the day before, just to be sure. After a long day of moving, you won’t feel like roughing it in the dark on your first night. Organising your electricity, gas and internet provider beforehand, will also give you the chance to compare and find the best deal.

Unloading your Furniture

You’ve probably already organised how to transport your furniture. Whether you’re grabbing a few mates to load up a rental truck, or hiring a moving company, you’ll also need to do some planning for when the truck arrives at the new house.

Just like tetris, it’s important to fit it all in the right way. Before the furniture arrives, map out where everything needs to go (bring a measuring tape if you’re short on space) and start with the first things first. Put furniture items in the right place from the beginning and it will make the rest of your unpacking much easier.

If assembly is required, assemble and make your bed first. After a long day of moving, you’ll thank yourself for having it ready, so you can then tackle the rest of the house tomorrow.

New Furniture

If you’re decking out your whole house with new furniture, make sure you’re prepared by pre-purchasing the essentials. You might be ok to wait a few weeks to find the perfect bedside table or coffee table. Although, you’ll need a mattress (and ideally a bed) to sleep on for your first night and at the very least, something to sit on.

What can be tricky when purchasing furniture for a new house that you haven’t lived in, is knowing the measurements. If possible, contact your real estate agent to see if they may be able to provide measurements for each room.

The First Place to Organise

After you’ve put larger items of furniture in place and set up your bed, there will still be mountains of boxes to unpack. What most people find is that setting up the kitchen first helps you feel more at home. After all, if you’re going to tackle all those boxes, you might want to boil the kettle for a coffee first. You’ll also probably want the fridge plugged in straight away to avoid food wastage and have a few easy to access snacks in the pantry.

A Final Note

The sooner everything is unpacked, the sooner you’ll feel more at home. The unpacking process may be exhausting, but letting the process drag out feels even worse. Allocate just a few days to have the entire house unpacked and set up, get the whole family on board, and you’ll all feel better for it. Moving into a new home can feel stressful, but it can also feel like a chance to start fresh. For styling and furniture advice, contact us to speak with our experienced staff at Wholesale Furniture Outlet. Affordable, high quality furniture for your new home is available online or in store with Australia-wide shipping. Contact us by phone or email to arrange a one on one shopping experience at our Brisbane location.

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