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Make Your Lounge Room Dazzle with a Statement Piece of Furniture

Whether you’re on the hunt for modern furniture or a unique statement piece, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Wholesale Furniture Outlet (WFO) in Brisbane.

To make your lounge room dazzle, you may not need to invest in a top-to-bottom makeover.

You can make a dramatic difference by simply replacing your lounge or dining table, or adding a side board/buffet, a unique lounge or an eye-catching occasional chair.

At WFO, you can score high-end furniture for a low price. You can have the interior you’ve always dreamed of, without breaking the bank.

Until now WFO has been one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets; supplying private residences, interior designers and stylists, and corporate and commercial clients.

From luxurious leather lounges through to TV cabinets and coffee tables made from reclaimed timber, WFO is the best place to go for all of your furniture needs.

Whether you’ve had your heart set on a new statement piece of furniture for some time, or stumble across a must-have piece during a visit to WFO, now is the time to make that purchase! You can figure out how you’ll make it work once you have it home in the space.

You will always find a way to make pieces you love work in your home!

If you’re wanting ONE statement piece, it’s important to make sure the room is perhaps using neutral tones and simple furniture items. This will allow the main statement piece to really stand out.

Other ideas to consider, when deciding on a statement piece of furniture, include:

Comfortable and attractive lounge suite

It goes without saying, but a comfortable lounge is as important as the aesthetic! If your lounge is THE statement piece, avoid cluttering it with too many pillows. However, if another item in the room is the statement piece, pillows can be used to complement the statement piece or the colour scheme.

A concrete look dining table

A concrete look dining table is a talking point and still offers plenty of opportunity to enhance a room thanks to the use of accessories and surrounding statement items.

Occasional chair

Go wild with your choice of design, colour or texture. Depending on the rest of the décor in the room, you can add a pillow or throw to make it stand out even more.

Statement colour

For example one stand-out object or piece of art that will make your room ‘pop’. For example, a black and white print with a tiny pop of colour, can be enhanced using a photo frame, vase or posy of flowers in the colour matching the statement colour in the piece of art.

Oversize art

You can’t go past a unique piece of wall art. It can be a great talking point and, when placed behind a statement piece of furniture, can also allow it to shine further.

Feature wall

Whether it’s a certain colour, pattern or texture.

DIY accent pieces

Craft your own accent pieces for that personal feel.

Reading corner

Create a reading corner using a bookshelf or cabinet to display your library and just add a cosy chair, a lamp, ottoman and a coffee table.

New light fittings

New light fittings such as a chandelier or hanging light pendant, a mirror, or vase could also give your loungeroom a nice a revamped feel.

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