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How To Choose The Best Lounge

Lounge Room Furniture Shopping Guide

We certainly are spoilt for choice in this day and age, when it comes to sourcing lounges and sofas. Whether you’re after a luxurious, high-end leather lounge as a statement piece in your living area (or workplace), or a comfy sofa with enough room to seat your friends and family (or one with enough room that allows everyone to cuddle up on for movie nights), it pays to do your research first. 

To work out the sofa or lounge situation that would best suit your space, consider drawing up a floor plan of your living room, including the dimensions and any walls or windows. If it’s important for the television to be seen from the lounge, also include its location in the floor plan. Take your measurements with you when you’re lounge furniture shopping. This will help you work out whether that corner modular lounge will work in your space.


One of the first things to consider is whether you’re sourcing a lounge as a styling accessory or essential item. Is your home like a show home, or is it lived in? Do you have kids and pets who could potentially damage your lounge or cause wear and tear sooner than expected?

Be sure to invest in a good frame, so that your lounge will stand the test of time.

For smaller spaces, two 2-seater lounges or a loveseat might be sufficient.
For larger family rooms, consider modular lounges, sofa beds and lounge suites with chaise and ottoman options.

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Lounge suites with recliners and cup holders are also a bonus!


Try before you buy! Check the depth (how far you sink in and how easy it is to stand up). Do you or your family members or visitors have long legs. Will you have a chaise or ottoman? Are the built-in pillows enough or will you need to add 20 cushions?


Look for high-quality, stain-resistant fabrics. For those with children or pets, or lounges in high-traffic areas such as waiting rooms or public areas, it would be advised to steer clear of lounges in light colours (white, cream, beige etc).

A dark lounge, that can be dressed up and revamped with the simple addition of colourful pillows or a throw rug might do the trick.

Reupholstering a lounge suite can often cost as much as it would to replace it. So be sure to upgrade or replace your lounges and sofas if you’re changing the interior design.

Leather sofas do tend to last longer than the average fabric sofa.

Regardless of the fabric, it’s important to keep your lounge clean and to practice occasional maintenance and deep cleans. At Wholesale Furniture Outlet (WFO) in Brisbane you can have the modern furniture you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

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