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Fast Affordable Ways to Decorate your Lounge Room

When it comes to decorating your lounge room, the cost and length of the project can escalate before you even realise. A new couch can lead to a new coffee table, and then a new rug to match the new couch, then new cushions to match the new rug. And then, all of a sudden, you need to paint the walls to match the furniture! Here are a few budget and time savvy tips for you to decorate your living room, in style, but without doing a massive overhaul.

Style your Couch

Often your couch is one of the most obvious elements in the room, so you can’t get away with anything that’s cheap or falling apart. Rather than buying cheap, poor quality, consider that purchasing a higher quality couch will last you for years and years. It is, afterall, probably among one of the most used pieces of furniture in your house. The good news is, you’ll be able to pay less for premium quality couches here at WFO.
When it comes to styling your couch, here are a few tips:

  • Place cushions square, rather than at an angle
  • Play with shape by combining larger cushions with regular sizes and also smaller square, rectangular or irregular shaped
  • Play with texture. While keeping within the colour theme is a good idea, this is your chance to really have some with some different textural elements.
  • Don’t overcrowd with cushions and throws. If you do happen to have an excess of cushions and throws, stow some away, and swap them around every now and then.

Less is More

The key to decorating is less about “stuff” and more about selecting a few things that look great together. Having less items will open up the space and the beautiful features and decorative elements will become more obvious.
Some things that you could consider ditching, or moving to another area of the house are: exercise equipment, excessive cushions, throws and beanbags.

Style your Coffee Table

You’ve ditched the clutter, so you’ve now got room to decorate. Whether you prefer the traditional coffee table look of a few books and a vase, or you’d rather get a bit more creative, it’s up to you. Why not use this as an opportunity to express your personal style, or show off your favourite sculpture or knick knacks? Or maybe it’s an ever changing element in your living room depending on your mood, it’s up to you.

Rearrange the Furniture

Often we live in a space for so long, we get so used to where the furniture usually goes, and we never really think to change it. Swapping around where things go can really make a difference. At Wholesale Furniture Outlet, our team is happy to help lead you in the right direction. There’s also fantastic information and suggestions online regarding the best ways to arrange lounge furniture.

Stick to a Colour Theme

If the living room just doesn’t seem to come together well, actively stick to a colour theme with only a few main colours. This way, when it comes to redecorating, you’ll know what you need to keep in the room, what you’ll need to take out, and what you need to purchase to keep it cohesive. Consider that that largest items, such as the couch, walls and flooring or large rugs will mostly be the main colours of the room. Use this to help you determine your colour theme. There’s no point choosing a white, beige and turquoise colour theme if you have a navy rug and red couch that you want to keep!

With a few simple changes, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to give your lounge room a makeover. At Wholesale Furniture Outlet, you’ll find a wide range of Budget furniture brisbane with up to 80% off wholesale prices. With Australia wide delivery, browse our online store, or contact us to arrange an appointment for a one on one shopping experience.

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