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Dining Room Furniture: What you need to know about the table and chairs

Although many different pieces of furniture may appear in a dining room, the focus is generally on the dining table and dining chairs. There’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing your dining set, such as the size and style. If you find a beautiful dining table that doesn’t come as a set, we’ve also included some ways to pick the perfect chairs. The chairs don’t need to match perfectly, but they do need to be compatible with the scale and style.

So if you’re stuck between finding the right dining table and then the perfect dining chairs to go with them, here’s a few things you should know.

The Right-Sized Dining Table

For most, the size of the room dictates the size of the dining table. That said, many new homes don’t have a separate dining area at all. If the dining room and lounge room make one combined living area, you may need to do some extra planning to make sure all the furniture works together. You’ll need to decide for yourself how much room you’d like the dining table to occupy.

Consider the size of your family and whether you entertain often. An extra large sized table may be a bit lonely for a single person occupant to sit at, especially if you don’t often have guests. Alternatively, an extended family of eight will really value the additional surface area. If you entertain often, but don’t particularly want or have space for a large dining table, you could consider an extendable dining table, or make the most of your outdoor entertaining area.

Dining Chairs

The biggest dining room sin is making the dining room chairs an afterthought. Not only should they match your table, be stylish and comfortable, you should also consider how they’ll be used. If you entertain often, a comfortable upholstered chair for your guests is a great idea. If you have young children though, you’re better off sticking to materials that can easily be wiped down such as vinyl or leather.


For comfort reasons, the size of your dining table and chairs need to be compatible. On average, you will need about 10-12 inches of space between the seat and tabletop for a diner to comfortably sit underneath. Since table and chair heights will both vary, be sure to do the measurements whether you are shopping for furniture online or in store. Upholstered chairs will often compress as you sit down, so keep this in mind so that you don’t end up sitting too low. Ensure that the arms of the chairs can slide under the table comfortably. If you can, try to avoid having dining chairs (or diner’s knees) clash into each other, or into table legs or trestles. Not only is this important for comfort, it is also important in order to avoid damage to the furniture.


The chairs and table do not need to match exactly. In fact, it’s an important style tip to have them NOT be exactly the same. That said, the pieces do need to be compatible and work well together.

Matching the pieces of furniture is about finding common elements within them. These common elements can relate to: the period, the colour undertones, the finish, the level of formality, or even just matching legs or feet. For example, pairing a timber table with white chairs that have similar timber legs to match. 

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