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Australian Outdoor Living – 5 Tips for Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to living in Australia, it’s the great outdoors that’s one of our biggest draw-cards. For the most part, the climate is perfect year round to enjoy al fresco dining, outdoor get-togethers, a coffee in the backyard at sunrise, or a clink of champagne glasses under the stars.

Whether your backyard overlooks the ocean, the outback, the city or the suburbs, there is nothing better than making the most of the Australian outdoors. Your outdoor furniture isn’t just for function, but also a design statement and a way to create a truly special outdoor area. In this article, you’ll find 5 handy tips to combine functionality and design to create the perfect outdoor space.

  1. Start with the Basics – Table and Chairs

Before lashing out on funky add-ons, start with one main area where your family or your guests can gather and build from there. While a large dining set and chairs may only be practical for larger spaces, smaller outdoor dining sets are also available. Even just making the most of a high top bar setting (or two!) can bring a warm casual feel to the space.

2. Take the Kitchen Outdoors

The only thing better than being able to dine outdoors, is to also be able to cook in the fresh air. Having a barbeque is a great reason to get out of the house, and in Australia, it’s the perfect excuse to have friends around on a Sunday afternoon. For those with limited space, a portable barbeque is generally best. Alternatively, if you do happen to have a larger area, having a built in barbeque area makes the space look super stylish.

3. Hanging Chairs

Cool hanging pods, that are not only luxurious to nestle into, but also look super trendy? Yes, please! These aren’t anything new, but they definitely are becoming more and more popular, and we think it’s for good reason. Perfect to relax in and watch the world go by, and they also don’t take up too much space, and they also add a touch of luxury to space.

4. Consider the Climate

Let’s face it, although beautiful, the Australian climate can be harsh. With the intense sun in summer, and the sometimes fierce storms that seem to appear out of nowhere, it’s not always going to be possible to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. For the longevity of your furniture, ensure that it is specifically designed for the outdoors, with the Australian climate in mind.

Materials such as: synthetic wicker, aluminium, stainless steel, waterproof or water resistant fabric, and even timber or concrete, are all great options when choosing outdoor furniture. Often it is recommended that most outdoor furniture is to be kept undercover. Although this is recommended, you will also find that the outdoor furniture you’ll find at WFO is generally UV-resistant, waterproof and fade resistant.

5. DIY Upcycle Projects

For those that are looking for a weekend project, upcycling can be: fun, look awesome (it definitely doesn’t have to be daggy!) and also beneficial for the environment. Check out these ideas for creating your own pallet furniture the right way.

At WFO, you’ll receive a one on one sales experience with one of our qualified staff. Get in touch to receive further assistance with your outdoor furniture choices.

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