8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Home

Some people dread it, others love it. Either way, at WFO, we know a good spring clean feels extremely satisfying. We’ve put together a few of our favourite spring cleaning tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Plan it out and make a list

Not every home is the same, and we all have our limits when it comes to cleaning. Maybe you want to get it over and done with and allocate 8-12 hours for non-stop decluttering and cleaning. Possibly, you don’t quite have the luxury of time and need it to span out over a few weekends. Either way, make a list of all the jobs that need to be done, from decluttering to window washing, and allocate a specific time for each. Before you begin, do a quick peruse of your cleaning materials and chemicals to decide if there’s anything you need to purchase.

Hire help

While you will probably need to be the person that organises and declutters your own personal items, you can also hire help for a range of tasks. For the jobs that you truly despise (or can’t tackle on your own), like cleaning the oven, professional carpet cleaning, painting the walls or cleaning the bathroom, there is someone out there that will most likely be able to do the job faster and better than you can.

Declutter first

Before you even contemplate picking up a duster or vacuum, declutter first. It will make your job easier and less time consuming. For help decluttering, visit this article.

Do a digital declutter

A digital declutter takes less physical effort than cleaning your entire home, but feels just as satisfying. Unsubscribe from the emails you no longer want to receive, delete duplicates and sort through photos and digital documents, placing them into files.

Time yourself

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to let things drag out when there is no deadline? Set yourself a certain amount of time per task and set the timer. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can whip things into shape when the clock is ticking.

Start from the top and work your way down

Some experts recommend going room by room, but regardless of whether you decide to do this or not, we definitely recommend going from top to bottom. This way, you won’t be double-handling your cleaning tasks as the dust settles on its way down. Start with the ceiling and ceiling fans, before moving onto bench tops and furniture, cupboards and drawers, and then lastly the skirting boards and flooring.

Reward yourself with updated furniture or decor

Maybe it’s time to update the decor, or you’ve decided enough is enough when it comes to your outdated couch. This is the time to go out with the old and in with the new. WFO has a range of designer furniture at wholesale pricing meaning you won’t be going over budget.

Put your feet up

Hop in your sparkly clean bathtub for a well deserved soak and set the mood with a candle. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy your beautiful, refreshed home.

Wholesale Furniture Outlet stocks wholesale priced designer and premium furniture brands available to the public. Available online, you can also book a one-on-one shopping experience at our Brisbane warehouse. For queries, or to book and appointment, contact us via email or phone.

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