10 Quick and Easy Tips to Transform your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

There is nothing better than relaxing in your own beautiful sanctuary after a long day, or waking up to a comforting, light and airy space as the sun rises. Transform your bedroom into a dreamy place with a few quick and easy tips.

1. Printed bedspreads or quilt covers.

If there’s not a lot of other decorative features in the bedroom, let the bed contribute. You’re using a quilt cover or bedspread anyway, why not let it show off your individual style with a unique print.

2. Make it comfy.

Add pillows, comforters, throws, and then if you have the space, add in a comfy chair or small couch.

3. Introduce pops of colour.

Whether it’s the turquoise cushion, an indoor plant, or the artwork on the walls, just a few small pops of colour can breathe new life into the room.

4. Choose theme colour and then layer.

Stick with just a few colours and layer them on places such as the bed and bedside table. You can do this by varying the colours and tones of the sheets, quilts, throws, cushions, bedside table and decor, but keeping within the colour theme. It’s also a great idea to mix in various textures throughout the bedroom, such as natural wood, polished metals, soft cotton, chunky knits or soft cushions.

5. Fresh flowers.

Treat yourself each week to a bunch of fresh flowers and set them on your nightstand. You’ll be surprised about what even just the simplest arrangement can do. If buying fresh flowers each week isn’t your thing, try a beautiful indoor plant to bring things to life.

6. Remove a piece of furniture.

Often bedrooms become overcrowded with “things”. Keep plenty of floor space for a peaceful feel.

7. Focus on storage space.

Maybe you’ll need to invest in a larger chest of drawers or choose a bedside table with drawers. One of the quickest ways to create more space and sense of style is to decrease the clutter. By having plenty of storage space, you’ll be able to store the items that you’re not using. You’ll be able to view some storage options here.

8. Indulge in fabrics.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the linen you use in your bedroom, the most important thing to look for is quality. Whether you’re into 100% linen, 400 thread count cotton, or 1200 thread count cotton, we love high quality sheets from Sheridan.

9. Turn it into a real getaway.

Remove all electronic devices from your bedroom including TVs, tablets, phones and computers and take a break from it all. It might feel strange at first and take some self discipline, but you will eventually love having a space free from everyday distractions.

10. Dimmable lighting.

A small but simple luxury can make a big difference to the mood of the room and it’s not as expensive to have installed as you may think.

It only takes a few simple changes to create a beautiful, homely sanctuary. At Wholesale Furniture Outlet, our staff are experienced in home furniture and styling. Our wide range of products are designer, premium quality items with up to 80% off wholesale prices. These pieces are available online, with Australia wide shipping and free shipping on selected items. For further assistance, or to arrange an appointment in our Brisbane store for a one on one shopping experience, contact us via phone or email.

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